By Small Means the Lord Can Bring About Great Things

On their journey to the Americas, the Lord blessed Lehi’s family with a device (which they called the Liahona) in the shape of a ball with pointers inside of it. The device helped guide them in the direction they needed to go as they travelled. It also provided what Nephi calls “writings” that would change from time to time to teach the family about the Lord and His ways. The pointers would only work if the family was faithful and diligent in using the tool to receive guidance from the Lord. Referring to the relatively small Liahona and the importance of the clear (but likely brief) messages contained on it, Nephi declares an important truth about how the Lord often operates in this world:

“…By small means the Lord can bring about great things.” (1 Nephi 16:29)

-Is it easy to discount the power of God in our lives because we are often looking for obvious, immediate and dramatic results from our prayers and earnest efforts to do God’s will? Are there many small things He is doing that we either take for granted or fail to see because of their subtlety? Is recognizing these small things an important key to building a greater relationship with God and seeing the progress He is helping us make in our lives?

-Do God’s smaller interventions (versus more grandiose intercessions) leave more room for exercising faith and free agency in our lives? Would we make the kind of progress God wants us to in this life if He didn’t work as much as He does with the smaller means?

-Speaking of small things, do physicists have a comprehensive understanding of the laws that control the smallest known particles of matter? Do they even know if they have found the smallest units that make up the matter of the universe?